Licensed and Insured Tree Service in the Rockford Region
US Army Veteran Owned and Operated
Licensed and Insured Tree Service in the Rockford Region
US Army Veteran Owned and Operated

In the fall of 2014, Easy Eddy’s was conceived as a simple firewood business. I would cut fallen trees on people’s properties in the Rockford and Loves Park area for no charge, then I would split the wood by hand with a maul and sell it by the facecord. That was a great year for selling firewood in Rockford because the price of natural gas had gone up dramatically at the beginning of winter.

Over the next three years, I continued to sell firewood and began charging a small fee for tree removals. During this time I was working a regular job in machining, but I married my wife Taylor and had a continued need for additional income. Cutting trees down became a great passion of mine as I gradually accumulated the equipment and experience necessary to apply more skilled techniques to the falling process.

In 2017 I purchased my first F-150, and began doing full tree removals in Rockford and surrounding areas including Cherry Valley, Machesney Park, Roscoe, Caledonia, and even Beloit. In the fall of that year I finally quit my full time job and struck out with full dedication to my own business, which I licensed as Easy Eddy’s Trees. I purchased a million dollars of property liability insurance and continued to provide affordable pricing at every quote.

Throughout the first warm season in 2018, my business relied upon landscaping and lawn care to bolster sales, but the tree business had captured my heart. Keeping the truck and equipment in excellent mechanical repair was a high priority for me then as it continues to be today. This focus resulted in my developing a superior understanding of truck and engine service, and I have made most repairs on my growing fleet with my own tools. Paying mechanics to fix my trucks proved to be a waste of company money as well as causing loss of earnings due to down time during extended wait periods for service. Each successive mechanical failure has resulted in personal skill development and the growth of a well supplied workshop.

I purchased an old F-450 diesel flatbed truck from a landscaper near Poplar grove late in 2018, and was able to relieve my F-150 from many of its extreme duties…. That was one of the best purchases I ever made for Easy Eddy’s Trees. The F-150 was not well suited for this kind of heavy load carrying, but I continued to use it with a custom wooden truck bed that I built myself.

Within just a year or so, the frame on my half-ton pickup was broken in half from overloading, and I was forced to purchase a much more suitable truck for this work, a Ram 3500. In that same period of time, I purchased a Bandit 1290 drum-fed brush chipper and hired an employee to drive the second truck. I had become engaged in more technical jobs and was forming a clearer understanding of safe climbing, rigging, and removals. At that time we were moving and loading all wood and limbs by hand with no machinery to assist.

Over time the need for a dump truck was met by an old Chevy K3500 which was for sale by another tree company. Up until that truck, we unloaded every chunk of wood by hand and every bit of wood chips with grain shovels. You can imagine the intensity of the labor that was done on a daily basis.

In 2020, there was a huge boost in the number of tree service customers. We continued to develop our  skill set and make connections in tree care throughout the Rockford region. The big block Chevy had a catastrophic drivetrain failure, so I had the dump bed and hydraulic system installed onto my flatbed F-450. That fall, Easy Eddy’s purchased a dump trailer to haul and dump wood. This was a great improvement to efficiency and increased our capacity to remove large trees.

Spring of 2021 was the beginning of a new era as I purchased the Bobcat MT100 mini track loader! These became very exciting times for the business. Now, instead of suffering countless hours of laborious lifting, cutting, throwing, and wheelbarrow pushing, we were able to let a machine handle the heavy work for us! Large trees have become much less of a challenge with the aid of this priceless piece of machinery, which fits through a standard 36-inch gate and is rated to lift and carry 1000 lbs! I also purchased a stump grinder attachment for the Bobcat, sufficient to handle most small and medium stump removal jobs.

There were some notable setbacks in 2021, including the engine failure of the Bandit 1290 chipper. I was forced to purchase another chipper, which is a much safer Morbark M12R that has hydraulic feed rollers and an emergency reverse bar to keep my workers safe during operation. We are now able to feed the wood chipper with the Bobcat, which provides an additional boost in efficiency for tree removals and trimming.

Throughout the time that I have been operating as Easy Eddy’s Tree Service, I have continued to develop and grow as a tree climber. I have learned to assess trees for certain diseases or conditions that are common to the Northern Illinois region, as well as how to properly prune trees for human safety, local codes, aesthetics, overall health, and longevity. Easy Eddy’s is fully equipped to handle jobs that require complex rigging for protection of property or human safety, as well as integration with crane service if such equipment is necessary for the job.

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