Licensed and Insured Tree Service in the Rockford Region
US Army Veteran Owned and Operated
Licensed and Insured Tree Service in the Rockford Region
US Army Veteran Owned and Operated

Offering tree service in Rockford and Freeport Regions

five star tree service

5 Star Service

Tree service in Rockford il


Staying in touch with our customers is a high priority for us, especially since lead times can vary depending on weather, work efficiency, and troubleshooting scenarios. We won’t leave you hanging without a call if scheduling is pushed back.


We keep a documented record of quote specifics, including pricing and details of customer requests. Our price quotes are a commitment. If any incident with property damage should occur, no matter how small, you will be notified at the first opportunity with complete details. In addition, customers who accept our quotes are serviced in order of acceptance: first come, first served!

pricing options

We realize not all customers have the same needs. If you are seeking a discounted rate, certain standard elements of the work can be left undone for a savings, such as branch chipping, wood removal, or yard cleanup.

tree care

tree service in rockford
We access high and hard to reach limbs with ancient climbing methods tested throughout the history of tree service industry, while using modern safety gear and rigging hardware with technical proficiency.

tree removal

tree service in rockford il

Whatever the location or defect of the tree service in Rockford needed, there is always a correct way to remove it. We assess each situation individually during the quote, and manage human safety and property risks using the tools and methods best suited to the layout and challenges of the jobsite.

seasoned hardwood

tree service rockford il
The materials that we remove from customer properties get processed at our main property in Pecatonica. By the time it is for sale in the fall and winter, it has been split and seasoning for a minimum of six months. This is the same wood that we use to heat our home during the cold season.