Veteran Owned and Operated

ISA Certified Arborist

Licensed and Insured

You're Doing Business with Family

but we think that's alright!

Family owned tree business in Winnebago County, IL

We are a traditional American family who loves the old ways. This business is here to lift up God, family, and country! We all know there was once a time when a man's word meant something.

For us, and for those who know us: those days live on.

Tree Service Climber/ US Army Veteran/ Certified Arborist

Owner: Edward Rook

Phone: 815-997-7707


US Army Combat Veteran - OEF

Certified Arborist in Winnebago County, IL

ID: IL-9978A

Headquarters at State Rt. 20 and Grove Rd.

Tree Service headquarters in Pecatonica, IL

17031 W State Rd Pecatonica, IL 61063